Interview with Thierry Baudet

No Democracy Without Borders One of the most successful books of Dutch journalist and pundit Thierry Baudet has just been released in Hungarian under the title The Significance of Borders by Századvég foundation. Mr Baudet held several lectures in Budapest and also visited the Hungarian-Serbian border. – Why democracy needs fences, as the title of… Continue reading Interview with Thierry Baudet


Europe, as we know her

In a few days we publish my interview with Thierry Baudet, a great mind, so here are some quick thoughts about our discussion – with the undisguised intention of hyping up the interview for you 😉 Hele ochtend interviews met Hongaarse kranten & tv-zender Uno. — Thierry Baudet (@thierrybaudet) February 6, 2016 Mr Baudet’s… Continue reading Europe, as we know her