Interview with Ingrid Carlqvist

Immigration in Sweden is a Time-bomb Swedish people see no reason anymore to pay taxes, they are terrified but are afraid to speak out. Ingrid Carlqvist, distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute honestly describe how dark is the reality in Sweden, contrary to what the politicians and the mass media say. How is Sweden… Continue reading Interview with Ingrid Carlqvist


There’s a Problem, Girls!

Fellow women are always very sharp-sightedly spotting even the most cunning sexism, just to prove that one of the most popular stereotypes is actually true: we are hysterical. Really, how can we call it when they are sending negative pregnancy tests to László Kövér? Well congratulations, really. Even that would make more sense if we’d… Continue reading There’s a Problem, Girls!


Then They Came For Our Words

Let’s take a walk in the world of Western European liberal politicians! Freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom of press, all kinds of freedoms are being stomped on by boots with white laces. Hungary is not a free country anymore, the climate is suffocating. The people are afraid to speak, the hands of journalists… Continue reading Then They Came For Our Words