Interview with Daniel Friberg

Sweden – The Terrorists’ Paradise The Swedish press is dominated by extreme Leftists and liberals, so Hungarians shouldn’t be surprised by their insults, Daniel Friberg, a Swedish economist based in Hungary, explained to Magyar Hirlap. According to the founder of the Swedish metapolitical think tank Motpol and the Website, and co-founder of the publishing… Continue reading Interview with Daniel Friberg


Europe, as we know her

In a few days we publish my interview with Thierry Baudet, a great mind, so here are some quick thoughts about our discussion – with the undisguised intention of hyping up the interview for you 😉 Hele ochtend interviews met Hongaarse kranten & tv-zender Uno. — Thierry Baudet (@thierrybaudet) February 6, 2016 Mr Baudet’s… Continue reading Europe, as we know her


There’s a Problem, Girls!

Fellow women are always very sharp-sightedly spotting even the most cunning sexism, just to prove that one of the most popular stereotypes is actually true: we are hysterical. Really, how can we call it when they are sending negative pregnancy tests to László Kövér? Well congratulations, really. Even that would make more sense if we’d… Continue reading There’s a Problem, Girls!