Interview with Antonio Tajani

I Deeply Belive in Europe

The European People’s Party’s candidate for the European Parliament’s presidency, Antonio Tajani would represent the opinion of the plenary’s majority when making statements about member states. The Italian MEP explained us his views on migration and inter-institutional affairs as well.

Gianni Pittella said that S&D should keep the EP presidency, because otherwise EPP would head all the institutions, thus changing the status quo. What do you expect from the election?

The S&D and the EPP have a clear power-sharing agreement and one of the pillars of this agreement regards the Presidency of the European Parliament, the only European institution elected by European citizens. Even though the EPP group is the most numerous parliamentary group, we supported the candidacy of Martin Schulz as President for the first part of the term and now the S&D ought to back the EPP candidate for the same position because at the end of the day, the votes of our European citizens must be respected. Pacta sunt servanda: this is what I learnt from my mother, a Latin and Greek teacher. Agreements must be observed.”

Among other things, Brexit is one of the reasons why we have an ongoing debate about federalism vs sovereignty. Which way should the EU take?

Europe must be strong if we want to be successful in facing the many challenges of today’s world: terrorism, global economy, migration, war. I believe deeply in Europe and in European integration. It is the best way to go forward with confidence about the future of our young generations. Therefore, I believe Brexit was a mistaken choice, even for British citizens. In any case, we respect the result of every democratic election or referendum, and the Parliament has an excellent representative in the negotiations.”

Read the whole interview on Magyar Hirlap Online in English or in Hungarian!


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