Interview with Janice Atkinson

Brexit: Time for a Europe of Nations

British people have a number of reasons to leave the European Union, says British MEP Janice Atkinson. According to the Vice-Chair of the EP’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

Janice Atkinson 20160625

– What were your main reasons to back the leave campaign?

– The lack of democracy, the diktats by the Commission and the arrogance of all of them.  They listen to the lobbyists and the corporates, not the people.  Take trade, a one-size-fits-all does not work. How can a former Swedish sociology lecturer negotiate trade for all 28 states?  Firstly, she is not qualified and, secondly, she cannot negotiate for the UK as we have very different trading needs to, say, Bulgaria or Italy.

– What makes the EU intolerable for the UK?

– Lack of accountability, the unelected Commissioners, the unfair voting systems, the stitch-up between the EPP and Socialists to get the Commission’s proposals through Parliament, 75% of our laws automatically going onto our statute books, uncontrolled borders, the cost, immigration, the regulations on business, ever closer political union, higher taxes, climate change laws, gender mainstreaming – everything!

– How do you think the EU will act? Is this the first step towards the Europe of nations and/or the institutions and Germany will push for more centralisation and punish rebels?

– Martin Schulz has threatened us, but then again he’s a socialist and they don’t think about businesses needs.  The French and German companies will tell them to act swiftly to get a FTA. They are also frightened of ‘contagion’ but they cannot stop it.  The Eurosceptics are on the march and the voters are backing us – from Sweden, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland.  The people will stop the project, not the politicians. It is time for a Europe of Nations and Freedom.

– Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said before Brexit that Cameron is a good ally against wrong trends in the EU and Brexit is not our interest. How do you see the prospects of Orbán and other leaders standing up for national sovereignty? What will happen to Hungarian-British partnership?

– Prime Minister Orbán needs allies as the parliament is discussing sanctioning him.  It’s their time, Geert Wilders is most likely to be prime minister, along with Marine Le Pen who has a good chance of becoming president, the AfD are doing so well in Germany. Orbán should change allegiances.  The Hungarian-British partnership will still be close, we have very strong ties, stronger than the artificial construct of the failed political project.


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