Interview with Kent Ekeroth

Sweden Can’t Escape Reality

Multiculturalism and mass immigration caused deep problems for Sweden, and even though the country managed to escape facing them for decades, it’s catching up now. Kent Ekeroth, MP for the Sweden Democrats doesn’t expect much from current Western European leaders, but finds Hungary a good example.


kent-ekerothRecent news from Sweden say that Islamists have infiltrated the Green Party, housing minister Mehmet Kaplan resigned after the media revealed his connections to Turkish ultra-nationalists and islamists. And there is also an actual terror threat by ISIS in Stockholm. Are you surprised?

Not at all, I suspected Kaplan’s background and the Islamist infiltration of the Greens already in 2010 and it’s well-known that there are muslisms with very strange views in the governing Social Democratic Party too. No wonder – Sweden has massive immigration, and with their so called integration policies the ruling parties are determined to put these people into power. Regarding the terror threat – without mass immigration we wouldn’t have terrorists in the country. One thing leads to another.

How is it possible that Sweden’s liberal parties – which is basically every party except the Sweden Democrats – worry so much about extremism, but ignore Muslim extremism?

To begin with, they don’t understand what Islamism is. Their judgment is clouded because they have been fighting for mass immigration for decades. They are blinded by the fact that if they started to criticise Islam, they would also criticise multiculturalism. They can’t do that.

Is it a taboo?

Not only. They would also argue against themselves. Obviously they don’t want to disturb their own circles.

Does this mean that other parties are not taking into consideration SD’s positions on immigration?

They are not cooperating with us on any question in the parliament. But of course, immigration is their main reason for that. Sweden has become weak and coward to face and tell the truth. We can’t stand up for our own country and culture. Leftist media does everything to keep us on the periphery. With all their slandering documentaries and articles in media about us they created a mental barrier for other parties.



Swedish media has a tendency to attack SD by criticising our immigration policies. Is Hungary on a good course according to your party?

Hungary now is opposing the left-liberal establishment in Western Europe on several levels: EU criticism, opposing immigration, upholding Christian, traditional values, policies to help families having more children. The leftist media tries to demonise Hungary, calling in undemocratic for example – it’s their usual propaganda against everyone who opposes their agenda. I think what Hungary is doing is the way to go. Viktor Orbán is probably the most important state leader in the world today. He is a role model for Western Europe. It’s good that among others Poland and Slovakia also started to have a quite similar immigration policy. I really hope that you will hold on. If you want to show people bad example, tell them to visit Sweden – to see how not to do it.

If we look at the comment sections, Western Europeans are generally more positive about Hungary’s immigration policies. Do you think this shift in public opinion can influence the leaders too?

The leaders are probably hopeless. I’m not sure either that ordinary Swedes know much about what’s going on in Hungary. But it helps politicians like us to use Hungary as a good example: you have stopped immigration and you are progressing, your economy is doing well, you have a nice, safe country. Tourists also love to come to Hungary – contrary to the Swedish argument that nobody will want to visit is if we close the border.



How badly can the situation escalate in Sweden until the next elections?

The government had to realise that we can’t accommodate ten thousand new migrants a week and it also costs a lot of money. They started to limit immigration, but only to be able to upgrade the system and accept even more people. They don’t understand the main problem with immigration. It’s good that the media is starting to talk about problems with immigration and our party is also becoming stronger.

Read the full interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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