Brussels Shows the Middlefinger

Recent events the Netherlands are important for the whole European Union. They held a referendum about the EU-Ukraine association agreement, though the result is binding neither for the EU, nor for the Dutch government. The “no” camp elevated a topic, about which most EU citizens don’t know, or at least don’t know that they can have a say.

But why couldn’t they? From the very beginning the topic of the campaign was much more than just the relations between the EU and Ukraine. The “no” camp was accused of being payed by Russia, the “yes” camp by Soros – the latter is admittedly true, the first is, well, logical.

Of course, Brussels is not obliged to rethink the whole agreement and go through the whole process again because of the Dutch. But those are also right who are now speaking about the anti-democratic nature of the EU. One of the faces of the “no” camp, journalist Thierry Baudet warned the British too: leave the EU as long as you can. The Dutch referendum is a test of EU decision making, a useful lesson not just for the British, but the Hungarians too.

Will Brussels care at all if millions of Hungarians say no to the mandatory refugee quota? How much our sovereignity is worth? If they step over a founding member so easily, what should we, Visegrad countries expect?

Read this article in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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