Project Europe

“Everyone I talked to in Berlin agreed that a striking feature of AfD is the support it enjoys among the educated middle class: professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, people who know exactly when to say Frau Doktor and are themselves often Herr Doktor, if not Herr Professor”, according to an article in The Guardian, which is afraid that the Alternative für Deutschland’s success will endanger Angela Merkel’s position and the “EU project”.

Here’s all the endless arrogance of the pro-EU elites. They are starting to be really afraid of the AfD and its leader, Frauke Petry, who is younger, tougher and more dynamic than Merkel, whose political habits have been described by the brilliant word “merkeln”. “Merkeling” means speculating, pondering and then doing nothing. So far intellectuals have been able to sweep away opinions they don’t like, blaming “populists” for incitement, only believed by the silly and suggestible. The article in The Guardian is not only arrogant, but it also shows a desperate insistence to some “project”, which means ever deeper integration. The only problem is that, especially regarding the migration crisis, more and more countries think that if this is how EU decision making works, then thanks, but we don’t want to give Brussels more power and we don’t really see the point in nice liberal ideas either.

You don’t have to be eurosceptic or anti-liberal to see some kind of a pattern. Exactly how safer did the EU make our life after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo? Not any. What did liberals do except coming up with a good slogan, Je suis Charlie? Nothing. Oh, no, sorry, they did find out something: they started to push the dogma that there might be a tiny problem with second or third generation immigrants, but the newcomers are all refugees in search of protection. Secret services warned that it’s not that difficult to smuggle terrorists among a million of unchecked migrants – to no effect, it’s of course fascist incitement, what else. Paris, November. Change, conclusion? Nothing. Cologne, New Year’s Eve? I can only repeat myself.

All restrictive measures that contributed to our safety recently weren’t taken with the EU, but against it. Soon not only terrorists will detonate on our streets, but liberals in their ivory tower will shoot those, who don’t agree with them. The thing is, for them Europe is really a project. We don’t call our homeland, our culture a project, we call it what it is – and we’re not ashamed to call it a fortress or a castle, if it’s in danger. Democracy is an unpleasant thing – majority is majority, even if a minority thinks that its opinion is superior to others.

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