We want to believe in Europe

In the 24th hour’s 59th minute it’s already too late to analyse what’s wrong with the Western world. It’s too late to trace back when rationality was swept away by the desire of self-destruction and surrender, the false, stupid idealism. We know that modern liberalism is behind it, its untrue goodwill, behind which there’s always the merciless self-interest, money, the highest goal and motivation. We have been wondering enough. There are many of us in Europe who have been waiting impatiently for the Western word to get a huge slap in the face, which should wake its survival instinct. Pay attention to the European people: we really want to believe.

We want to believe in Europe. In our discoveries, culture, roots, cathedrals and forests – everything that we miss when we are not here and everything we’d miss if they disappeared. The – sometimes real, sometimes supposed – threat of losing our identity, welfare and peace resurrected in many people the love of Europe, the belonging – and yes, the anger, when we see the change of such things that shouldn’t change. We shouldn’t care about whether European, Western culture is superiour to others or not. This starting point leads to anything but peace.

We want to believe in love. We want to believe that when everything is drained, ridiculed, twisted and disgraced around us, we can still find the absolute good in another person and we’ll have enough strength to do our duty. To go together against the world, to complete a mission, to leave our mark on this world. Maybe that mission, that mark is the family that we form together. But it’s not consumer romance that well bring all this for us, but if we go against the zeitgeist and don’t want to handle our human relationships with the egoism of the consumer. We need strength and humility not to seize and throw away our loves like our mobile phones, to see the other person as a human being, to have enough patience to accept that the other person is just as imperfect, wrecked and misguided as we are. Instead of the culture of egoism, men should take responsibility and women should dare to be women.

We want to believe in honour. From personal relationships to world politics. No words can express how much Western people want a hero. Just look at the comments under the critical Western articles: no wonder they are celebrating Viktor Orbán. They want to believe that there is someone who acts while the others are just talking. It was incredibly liberating for Western people to hear that he says what they are not allowed to say. It doesn’t matter if they are whining about egoism in Brussels, if they are grumbling that there’s no solidarity. People understand that Europe’s soul is not in the hundredth EU conclusion but when Hungary or – the ignored and always nagged – Macedonia sets up its bristles and says that we could let these masses pass, but we will protect this border, no matter what.

But sometimes we have to get faced. Sooner or later the now damned Greeks will realise that Alexis Tsipras is not a saviour, but a fraud. And the Western man is starting to realise that if money is his only god, then he’s going to disappear together with his family, folk and country.

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