Liberal Crime

Cecilia Johnsson is a nice, blonde Swedish girl. Cecilia Johnsson is also the spokesperson of the liberal party’s youth organisation in Stockholm. And Cecilia Johnsson said the following things: ”We don’t like morality laws in general. I understand that it [necrophilia and incest] can be seen as unusual and disgusting by some, but legislation cannot be based on it being disgusting. it should be okay for consenting siblings over 15 years to have sex with each other. Everyone should have control over their body, even when one is dead. It could be given to research. But also to others to have sex with one’s body when one is dead”.

I’d love to think that the young, nice Cecilia said these sentences in an unworldly voice, her head was spinning round, her eyes rolled back and Göteborgs Posten’s journalist ran away to get a priest, hoping that there’s still someone who can exorcize and is not busy with collecting money for a mosque. Unfortunately this was not the case and reports don’t mention whether she was on drugs, though let’s admit, this would sound a bit more likely.

Former liberal MP Carl B Hamilton spoke from my heart when he lashed out at the youth organisation on Facebook: ”Surely, you must understand that people are lauging at your liberalism, you nitwits? What other challenges facing society is on the top 100-list for Stockholm’s Liberal Youth? Sex with hippos?”

I checked the source carefully, because it pretty much sounds like a satire. Though on social media I’ve often bumped into opinions which made me laugh very hard and I told them that ”wow, you’re so funny guys, I haven’t seen such a nice parody of Swedish liberals in a long time”. It turned out that it was no parody. Then I wasn’t laughing with them anymore, I started to laugh at them.

One would assume that for a young Swedish girl the super idea of sex between siblings is less important than the fact that a young Lebanese-Swedish social worker girl was stabbed to death at a refugee center, that teenage girls were groped by migrant men at a festival last year, that Sweden’s rape statistics would be shameful even for a war-torn African country. But who cares about that?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not only about immigration – there are ONLY more important problems in Sweden and Europe than those brought up by the young liberals. But we can’t brush aside this issue by calling it the fun of idiots who smoked away their brains, because what Johnsson and her friends are doing, is the elimination of the most basic human and cultural norms. What they represent is of course extreme, but it’s far not as extreme in Sweden as it would be in the more normal parts of the world. As Miss Johnsson said, they are the youth organisation, they should go one step further. While I still find it hysterical when people are complaining that ”soon it will be compulsory” to be gay, the tendency is clear: what is unthinkable today, becomes strange tomorrow and normal on the day after tomorrow.

In the Islamic State’s place I wouldn’t bother blowing up people because it might just wake up some Europeans who are still able to think. I’d just lie back and let Western liberals do the dirty work. Well, of course if we let them do it.

Read this article in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


2 thoughts on “Liberal Crime

  1. Cecilia Johnsson is a retard and should be ashamed of herself, she is an abomination to mankind!
    Do you know the definition of incest, necrophilia? The consequenties for the victims? Inbreeding leads to retardness, look at the muzelman, their IQ is way below zero and you want to accomodate that retardness?? Are you out of your mind???

    Open your eyes, you are blind.
    Only criminals and beasts want their madness legalised, stop with it, search your common sense instead of madness because you’re way out of line!
    You are obligated to protect childeren, animals, the most vulnerable of humankind instead of making them targets without any form of protection, even legal for beasts without one once of brains!
    Shame on you! A million times!
    Onbelievable, retarded, what does your parents think about this?!!


  2. So pro-gay Sweden had to take it to another couple of sick levels. Shame on this place & the demented ways of thinking they have created. As well as my own country, the USA. Jesus must be just around the corner. Morality is out the window. Are the end times seriously unfolding right in front of my eyes? My tears tell me yes….


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