Europe, as we know her

In a few days we publish my interview with Thierry Baudet, a great mind, so here are some quick thoughts about our discussion – with the undisguised intention of hyping up the interview for you 😉

Mr Baudet’s excellent book, The Significance of Borders has just been released in Hungarian thanks to one of our leading think tanks, Századvég. The book was written in 2012 but it couldn’t be more actual, for obvious reasons – it’s the right time and the right place to read this book. Though different in style and purpose, it’s a remarkable coincidence, that it was published in Hungarian at the same time as The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg. Two thought-provoking books that give an important intellectual base, awareness and optimism for these crucial years in Europe. And also remind Hungarian readers that despite of everything, we are pretty lucky.

Talking to Thierry Baudet – who has all the necessary virtues to be a popular pundit – convinced me even more that Europe’s conservative forces can gain momentum now, but most of them are probably missing it. We pretty much have the same opinion with Mr Baudet in this question – see my commentary from October 2015 -, and it’s worth citing here the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, László Kövér:

“Europe’s right wing, people’s party politicians, except for the radicals, are cowards, they don’t dare to represent the opinion of their own voters because of the terror of political correctness. The straight consequence of this might be that their voters will leave them.”

If we want to preserve Europe as it is, or even as it could be, paying attention to Thierry Baudet is necessary for those in power and also for us, because as he pointed out, grassroots initiatives can also gain momentum. When you’ll read our interview – in English and Hungarian – you’ll see that it’s mostly not about ideology but pure common sense.


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