What the hell is wrong with you, Sweden?

Now that the Swedish Twitterverse has got all tangled up in #Richegate, a clear pseudo-event, it might be useful for my Swedish readers to look into a mirror.

If you, Dear Reader, belong to the Swedish mainstream, I have bad news for you, because you spent your whole Sunday being the useful idiot of people you don’t like by talking about them and even giving them mainstream media appearances.

I can’t even explain how ridiculous it is for an outsider, when you see a lot – really, a LOT – of grown-up people discussing some selfies which were taken at a fancy restaurant in Stockholm with people who belong to different political sides. Reading the overly dramatic description of events by Alexandra Pascalidou you can have the impression that Sweden has an extremely pleasant political atmosphere if her encounter with Daniel Friberg and his friends is considered intimidating or dangerous. Seeing some tweets of virtual support made me feel like I’m reading Tumblr – I think this speaks for itself.

Even if everything is factually true as Ms Pascalidou described it, it’s clear that she wasn’t in any actual danger. All this happened in  – let me emphasise it once again – a nice restaurant in Stockholm, which is hardly the scariest place in Sweden. To me it seems that engaging in some small talk and taking selfies with people labeled as extreme right is such a crime for a Swedish celebrity that it cries for damage control.

It’s hardly a surprise. Twitter people have been busy discussing Mr Friberg’s body language on a photo with a policeman – what did you expect him to do by the way, attacking the policeman? Come on! -, instead of paying attention to an important circumstance: the involvement of Researchgruppen. I don’t care what happened there, because, Dear Reader, Researchgruppen is the problem itself. An organisation which is calling itself “Sveriges Stasi“, how brainwashed you have to be to regard such a thing a guardian of freedom of speech? Do you know what the Stasi was?

Self-appointed fighters of freedom and equality intimidated people by taking pictures of them at a demonstration and putting it online. We know this in Hungary too: people taking photos of other people at a demonstration they don’t like, then put it online, find out the names, phone numbers, Facebook profiles and even the addresses of them. Do you know who is doing it? The worst of the extreme right, the mob, guys in hoodies who beat you up on the street. Yes, you are using neo-Nazi methods.

No, I’m not victimising Mr Friberg or any other attendant of the demonstration, though I could because it’s a fact that right wing people face discrimination in Sweden. In the parallel universe of the so called antifascist guardians of freedom and equality it’s a group of well-dressed men in a fancy restaurant who mean actual danger and not the no-go zones, the Moroccan “street kids” or the growing violence in refugee homes. Because you know what, Dear Liberals?

You are worried for the wrong Alexandra.

Instead of using Stasi methods to intimidate people and ignore the whole demonstration by labeling it Nazi you should go out from your parallel universe and look around. Behind your totalitarian opinion terror there is a society with real problems and worries, a crisis which is so obvious that probably you’re the only ones who don’t see it.


3 thoughts on “What the hell is wrong with you, Sweden?

  1. the leftist mainstrim only worry is not to be like SD
    even if they are right, even if they say white is white, black is black – the mainstream in Sweden will alsway distance themselves from SD
    it is PARANOIA

    a great article about it in here
    “Viktigast av allt: att utestänga SD
    Ända sedan Sverigedemokraterna valdes in i riksdagen 2010 har de övriga sju partierna agerat på sandlådenivå som ett enda parti och inte skytt någon möda att stänga SD ute från politiskt inflytande. Det har blivit den allra viktigaste interna frågan för sjuklövern, betydligt viktigare än att bedriva en ansvarsfull politik. ”



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