Value crisis in Europe

A book about the global liberal influence – Review of A jobboldal visszatér (The Real Right Returns) by Daniel Friberg

0405okonyvBritain-based Arktos, worldwide number one publisher of right wing literature has released a book in Hungarian for the first time. Author of A jobboldal visszatér, Daniel Friberg is one of the founders of Arktos and Swedish think tank Motpol as well, his book – which was already released in Swedish, English and German – is an essay collection about political history and a manifesto at the same time.

According to Friberg’s axiom, Western and Northern Europe has managed to get into its current situation because the left and the liberals, with decades of persistent metapolitical work, seized power in those institutions, which influence people’s thoughts. This much discussed but still not very well known theory explains why parties with modest electoral successes can make their view the norm in half of the continent – they influence politics by influencing the environment, where policies are born. Friberg suggests this method for the Right too in order to assert it interests, and his theorem is actually proven right by practice: no matter how much support a party has, it’s extremely vulnerable even in power if it doesn’t have its base in the press, the think tanks, the culture.


A part of this much discussed left-liberal metapolitics is political correctness, the harmfulness of which has probably never been so obvious as now, during the new Völkerwanderung.

Read the whole article in English along with a fascinating interview with Ingrid Carlqvist!
Read the whole article in Hungarian!


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