Interview with Ingrid Carlqvist

Immigration in Sweden is a Time-bomb

Swedish people see no reason anymore to pay taxes, they are terrified but are afraid to speak out. Ingrid Carlqvist, distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute honestly describe how dark is the reality in Sweden, contrary to what the politicians and the mass media say.

ingridcarlqvistHow is Sweden coping with the current migration crisis?

Sweden is in big trouble. Anyone can figure out that the welfare system we built only works when most people work and pay taxes. Most of the migrants who have come to Sweden the last 20 years or so have none or very little education, they can’t speak Swedish and they don’t have the love for Sweden that makes them want to contribute to the society. Many of them actually believe that it is not Sweden and the Swedish taxpayers that pay for everything they get – the believe the money comes from EU or UN. After 8 years only half of the migrants are working, so it’s obvious that the politicians have been lying when they say that immigration will be a benefit for Sweden.

Last week there was news about how much more the social security systems will cost in the near future – billions and billions. I think they are preparing the Swedes for more bad news – cut downs and so on. One day the Swedes will not want to pay for this. I already hear many people saying they don’t want to pay tax any more. Why should people pay tax when they no longer get good schools for the children, good health care, good care for elderly people – but everything goes to people from other countries that never pay any tax into the system? (…)

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Does the government make enough in order to handle migration and support integration?

The border controls came way too late. The reason the government did it was not that they suddenly realized that mass immigration will make Sweden into a Third World country – they did it for two reasons. Municipalities around the country were screaming: WE CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE REFUGEES! We don’t have houses, schools and people to take care of all these people. We will have a collapse of the systems. The second reason is that the Sweden Democrats rising in the polls every week. So the government thought that if we put mass immigration on hold for a few years, then we will fix everything, calm down the Swedes and then we can open up again. I still haven’t figured out why, but they want to change the population of Sweden and make this a country for Muslims. If immigration goes on like this, Swedes will be a minority in their own country in 10-15 years. (…)

We have the impression in Hungary that the Swedish common opinion is more worried about racism and the success of the SD than the actual attacks. Why is this?

No, no, no! You are talking about the opinion of the media and the politicians – not of the people. Swedish journalists (I know, I worked in mainstream media for over 30 years) believe that they are high above ordinary people. The believe all Swedes are horrible racists underneath the surface and the only way to keep this racism from exploding and leading to Swedes killing immigrants on the streets, is that they don’t tell people ANYTHING negative about immigrants. I know this sounds absolutely crazy, because Swedes are NOT racists, NOT very murderous and NOT very aggressive. Quite the opposite, I think there is so little aggression left in Swedish men (because of feminism) that they can no longer defend their families and their country. Let’s hope I’m wrong on that! (…)

How do you see the Swedish press? According to the reports by Nyheter Idag and RightOn it wasn’t the police alone who covered up the We Are Sthlm attacks but also DN. Is it a tendency?

I despise the Swedish journalists. They are failing their most important task – to scrutinize the powers and tell the audience the facts. Instead they indoctrinate the readers with politically correct stuff, making them into zombies without brains. It worked for many years, no Swede wants to be seen as a racist. When people started to wake up and see what was going on, they wrote anonymously on internet. And what happened then? The Swedish journalists found out the names and addresses on hundreds of them, shamed them in public as racists and islamophobes and so they lost their jobs and families. Are you still surprised that Swedes don’t protest loudly?

So is political opinion free at all in Sweden? Judging by the mainstream parties’ lack of cooperation with SD it’s not looking good.

No. Sweden is the new DDR. (…)



One thought on “Interview with Ingrid Carlqvist

  1. I am one of these who lost our jobs.Do not forget the very strong organisation Expo which has tight connection into the Swedish “riksdag”.I will never forget the hangarounds to this Expo who filmed me on my work and a couple of months later I lost my job.It is certain effective to silence people with taking the bread away.I hate…


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