Gott mit uns!

Europe is in trouble. It’s obvious from the Greek shores to the artic circle. Whether we experience the influx of migrants from outside of Europe as an invasion or as a cry for help of unfortunate people who would deserve a better life – this is, we can say, a matter of taste. The “Cologne New Year’s Eve”, which concerned half of Western Europe, was nevertheless a big slap on the face even for the do-gooders. Or at least it could have been. The German government has been introducing puffed-up restrictions this year, referring to the rule of law over and over again, while the rest of the German politics say that there’s no need for changes in the law, they just have to finally observe the existing ones. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been begged by her own party, sometimes angrily, sometimes desperately: close the border at last, understand that asylum must have an upper limit. Their arguments are clear and are based on common sense: Germany’s territory and resources are limited and saying that let them come and we’ll just deport those who are not eligible for asylum – well, this only works in theory.

Reality is – as several experts have clearly stated – that you can’t just move a mass of hundred thousands or millions from one place to another, and those who are not eligible for asylum simply vanish in Western Europe. And then we haven’t even spoken about the obvious security risk.

Because of its importance and influence the attention is focused on Germany but there’s another country in the North which is about to collapse. Sweden’s previous Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who is – believe it or not – regarded as right wing moderate, in 2014 said that Sweden doesn’t belong to those who have been living there for generations, or to those who have invented borders, but to those, who are coming now to Sweden, because they make Sweden, what it is. Of course it wasn’t only Reinfeldt who spat in the eye of those who built the country he was allowed to destroy, left wing politicians did their part too: a number of government politicians have said in the last years that there is no such thing as Swedish culture, their traditions are ridiculous and Swedes are just jealous of the immigrants who have their identity, culture and history.

There is a rampage going on in Sweden which is incomprehensible for a Central European mind, gruesome news are coming every day: silenced sexual harassment cases, crosses taken own, tolerating grown up migrant men to live together with their teenage wives and politically correct policemen who can’t describe the looks of offenders. We have laughed a lot at the gender neutral toilets but this suicidal instinct of the Swedish state is not funny anymore, just scary.

Right and left wing moderate governments have been able to destroy Sweden with impunity because not only they, but also their voters come from the same brainwashed society, where if immigrants commit crime your primary concern should be whether it helps the extreme right. A society, where after the sexual attacks in Cologne and Sweden feminists only said that we shouldn’t be racists, it’s not the immigrants who are responsible, but the patriarchy.

Somewhere behind the merciless opinion terror and the destroyed gender roles, Sweden is waking up. Those who can are protecting themselves, Swedes are becoming refugees in their own country, they are swiftly moving from areas where even the ambulance personnel is asking for military equipment. The dark side of immigration is not only seen now in the reality of the “no go zones”, the majority is being pushed out from the welfare system. Swedes – and let us not define Swedes based on their citizenship – had enough and they can easily prove the theory right: change will start there where the problem is the greatest.

“Gott mit uns” – as many others in history, the great king of the Swedes, Gustavus Adolphus went to battle with these words. Sweden used to be feared and respected before it became a welfare dreamstate and then a liberal dystopia which is killing itself with a smile on its face. Sweden deserves better, Europe deserves better. Like Angela Merkel, the Swedish government has to understand that supposed restrictions won’t solve this situation, we need a complete change of attitude. They can ignore the advice and wait until nothing matters anymore for the Germans and the Swedes. But what comes then won’t be nice.

Magyar Hírlap – 20. 01. 2016.



4 thoughts on “Gott mit uns!

  1. “But what comes then won’t be nice” – exactly. The fire is expanding.
    But Gustavus Adolphus for a war for dominion Maris Baltici with the Republic of Both Nations (seventeenth century), Poles rather not love 🙂


  2. Hi Dear,

    Nice to finally read your blog!! One slightly unrelated question if I may ask: What in your and Hungarian public opinion is the Hungarian relation with Turkey and what can Turkey do to make it better?

    We are losing our image because of Erdogan’s media war with Putin, and he is quite a bit less intelligent than Putin. What is possible about that?


  3. I’m from Sweden and I fully agree with your text. It is so tragic to watch what used to be a great, safe and happy country be completly destroyed and changed beyond recognition in such a short period of time. Demolished by politicians and officials who seem to deeply despise the people they are supposed to protect and care for. A people who’s been brainwashed into guilt, self-hatred and a belief that the only thing that justifies our existence is financing middle-eastern people’s invasion of our country, and being accomodating in this destructive multi-cultural experiment. I fear a very dark future for Sweden and basically the whole European civilization, where situations such as mass riots and even civil wars doesn’t seem too far away.


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