There’s a Problem, Girls!

Fellow women are always very sharp-sightedly spotting even the most cunning sexism, just to prove that one of the most popular stereotypes is actually true: we are hysterical. Really, how can we call it when they are sending negative pregnancy tests to László Kövér? Well congratulations, really. Even that would make more sense if we’d just follow the example of the batty Lady Lavender in You rang, M’lord? and start throwing pudding at politicians. Of course, she was doing it for the women’s suffrage and we would do it for…what exactly?

Yesterday I’ve learnt from the internet that according to two prominent conservative men my duty is to have children, get back to the kitchen and don’t earn as much as men do. I learnt it neither from László Kövér, nor from Ákos, I learnt it from the perception of the online people. Ákos didn’t say that women should earn less, he said that earning money, catching up with men and overcoming them shouldn’t be the only higher goal of a woman’s life. Also, László Kövér didn’t say that our only duty and goal should be to give life to children but that we should consider it the highest level of self-realization (by the way, this is something only we are capable of doing).

Did either of them say that we shouldn’t be engineers, locomotive drivers or prime ministers? No. We must discuss what governments can do to make motherhood and work reconcilable, to stop the job market from punishing women for having children or just planning to do so.

But we also have responsibility. That feminist should really only blame herself, who even after overcoming all out-of-date gender roles, still chooses the easier way and is preaching about the pay gap from some gender studies course instead of studying to be an engineer.
It’s not the only problem with this hysteria that they are deliberately distort the words of László Kövér and Ákos. They, who are so jealous of their victim role, are cracking on them with aggressive and merciless opinion dictatorship. Ákos as an artist can have his own opinion, László Kövér as speaker of the parliament can have his own opinion, conservative opinion, and he can speak about it wherever he wants. If we look at the truth, and not a hysteria-driven hallucination, we realize that even the opinion of a Fidesz-politician on this matter won’t affect our life directly or in a mandatory way.

It’s worth marking Kövér’s words about the “open society of the Soros-like”, gender insanity and whatever, as the people of the internet are acting according to its logic. This mass psychosis reminds me when the Swedish Daniel Friberg included a chapter, traditionalist in tone, about gender roles in his book, The Real Right Returns. He was clear that he sees through the leftist myth of absolute equality and sameness, so he gives different advices to men and to women. He describes, using Sweden’s example how the gender theory deconstructs traditional gender roles and stable values, how it weakens men and deprives women of their femininity. And in the end, how the viability of such a society is tested and fails miserably in the cold reality of multiculturalism. Obviously, when his advices appeared online, Swedish feminists – being bored at home by the generosity of the welfare state – were snorting of anger. But they couldn’t really catch Friberg, their best argument was “but people used to say this a long time ago and the world has changed”. Yeah, sure.

There is still hope in Sweden but maybe we here have better chances to avoid becoming a leached, idiotic society that fully depends on the opinion of the gender pundits. A society, where feminists are protesting for the inclusion of migrants and tolerance, after two immigrants rape a woman in their city.

Magyar Hírlap – 16. 12. 2015.


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