Interview with Jean-Luc Schaffhauser

Europe Should Follow Hungary

In an interview with Magyar Hírlap French right wing MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser called Hungary’s migration policy an example for Europe.

European-ParliamentSituation in France is really tense, because migrants are creating anarchist parallel cities and authorities are not able to properly handle it, French member of the European Parliament’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser told Magyar Hírlap. According to the MEP the French government betrayed the people as it’s serving foreign interests.

Germany hopes that immigration will solve the problems of the German job market but they can’t integrate them so this experiment can end really painfully, he added. According to Schaffhauser European immigrants tend to integrate more easily in France but between the Christian and the Muslim civilisations there is a constant fight. The problem is, he explained, is the lack of strong identity.(…)

Hungary’s migration policy can be an example for Europe according to Schaffhauser. Viktor Orbán is a real statesman who made the necessary decisions for the interest of his country, he said. Hungary’s bravery shows that it is possible to protect ourselves, the Hungarian way is the way of those nations who want to survive in Europe, he added.

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!
Read the whole interview in French on Mr Schaffhauser’s site!


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