Interview with Anna Hagwall


The Dark Side of Multiculti is Taboo

Hungarian born Swedish MP, Anna Hagwall is fighting for Hungary’s interests too in the Riksdag. Deputy of the Sweden Democrats talked to Magyar Hírlap about how Sweden treats immigrants.

20151024_12_2“According to the official point of view, also represented by the mass media, Hungarians are cruel and want to handle the migration crisis in a way which is unacceptable for a civilised country”, Swedish MP Anna Hagwall told Magyar Hírlap, adding that blogs, alternative sites and private discussions show a completely different picture. “The majority supports Hungarian migration policies because they realized that something has to be done to counter this mass migration. The personal experiences of Swedish people about Hungarians and Hungary are also very positive”, she emphasized. (…)

“The migration situation is very serious in Sweden but leading parties keep quiet”, she said. The Sweden Democrats decided to go out to the streets and launch a massive campaign to collect signatures and inform people about the reality. One third of the population in Sweden has migration background and the newcomers have a very bad attitude, instead of trying to integrate, they move to a place where everyone else are from the same country or at least follow the same religion. (…)

When asked about the efforts the state makes to integrate people, Hagwall said that it doesn’t really make sense that the state wants to make it possible for every immigrant to study on their own language instead of making them learn Swedish though that would be necessary for them to integrate and find a job. Though the security services probably monitor the security policy side of migration, they don’t speak publicly about the dangers of migration. “You can’t speak about the dark side of the multicultural society”, Hagwall remarked.

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


One thought on “Interview with Anna Hagwall

  1. What is wrong with some Hungarians living in my country? I guess they still like the old communist days.The hangaround from Expo who filmed me o my workplace was a descendant from Hungarian immigrants.His name,Tamaz Gellert.


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