Then They Came For Our Words

Let’s take a walk in the world of Western European liberal politicians!

Freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom of press, all kinds of freedoms are being stomped on by boots with white laces. Hungary is not a free country anymore, the climate is suffocating. The people are afraid to speak, the hands of journalists freeze above the keyboard when they remember the devilishly photoshopped picture of Viktor Orbán known from the leftist press. I mean, they don’t have to remember it, as it’s on the wall. Everywhere.

This is the picture about Hungary which is being emphasised by ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt and his allies. Here in Budapest I never managed to see the reality Mr Verhofstadt sees from Brussels. For five years I’ve been repeating to worried foreigners from Vienna to Brussels that no, there’s no fascism here, I don’t want asylum in your country. The Western press is so effective that I even had to convince Germans having fun in the middle of Szimplakert that you imagine fascism a bit differently, don’t you guys.
So in light of all these things, brace yourself dear reader, there are Western Europeans, Northern Europeans who actually move to Budapest because they think that here we have bigger freedom of opinion, the atmosphere is more free here, it’s just better to live here. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course there’s big room for improvement in Hungary but we are proud to hear when someone tells us that our country is normal.

A normal country – what does it mean actually? Those who say this mean that here in Hungary we have neither started the social experiment called multicultural society which is working “brilliantly” in their countries, nor have apocalyptic visions when in the kindergarten the boys are playing with cars and the girls with dolls. Guilty thoughts. As Viktor Orbán made it clear several times: here in Hungary we like clear speech, we’re not really good at political correctness. It’s like that in whole Central-Eastern Europe. Whether we look for its roots in our national character (which is somehow similar to the Slovak, the Polish and the Serbian), or simply in the decades of socialism, is just a matter of taste, the result is the same.

I have written the word “normal” several times. You’d better know that I couldn’t do that in the West at a major daily newspaper, only at some alternative website. The University of New Hampshire issued language guidelines this year, and according to it “normal” is a word you should avoid. Their list is long enough but the Inclusive Excellence Center of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee continued with their campaign called “Just Words?”. According to the initiative a number of words that we use on a daily basis are in fact microaggressions. You should neither say “lame”, because it’s rude and ignorant towards the amputees, nor “crazy” because it insults people with mental health issues. Just a theoretical question, but i wonder whether the eager fellows of the center only briefed laughing university students when they say to their friends “you’re lame, dude”, or they sent a protest letter to Romanian foreign minister Bogdan Aurescu too, when he said that Hungary’s decision to build a border fence is “autistic”.

There’s more to come. You should avoid the expression “Man up!”, because it suggests that “there is only one way to be a man”. This is important, because this is more than plain oversensitivity. Of course this expression, just like many others, is able to humiliate someone but that has more to do with the speaker than with the actual expression. The American university’s campaign is part of the decades long aggressive trend which – in the name of diversity and tolerance – mercilessly destroys every value that is considered “classically” masculine or feminine. We are making big steps towards a society of burnt-out, masculine women and whining men, where both sexes blame each other for their own misery.

In a new French movie, Samba, a burnt-out businesswoman, Alice falls in love with a strong, cheerful, vigorous immigrant from Senegal. The movie is meant to be a heart-warming comedy, though some might obviously consider it pro-immigration propaganda. We must really think about the moral of the movie. It’s nice that this unfortunate woman gets together with the sympathetic Samba who wants to integrate and settle down. But let’s take a step further: is everyone coming to Europe nice and open? Do all of them want to integrate? Is this what the example of France, Sweden and Germany shows us? And just another inconvenient question: When we finally realize that not everyone is Samba, how exactly will our ultratolerant, politically correct, diverse society incapable of aggression protect itself? Probably noways. Those who want to protect themselves are stigmatized as reactionary by the Western propaganda machine, but the people are waking up. Nowadays I don’t have to explain anything abroad anymore, because instead of wanting to drag me out from hell, people are congratulating.

So finally, the pun: according to the aforementioned campaign it’s a politically incorrect microaggression to say “politically correct”. Good morning!

Magyar Hírlap – 24. 10. 2015.


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