Interview with Norbert Hofer

Hungary is not just a neighbour, but also a friend

Austrian Freedom Party supports Hungary and doesn’t agree with the criticism aimed at Viktor Orbán’s migration policy.

KONSTITUIERENDE SITZUNG DES NATIONALRATES: HOFERWeltjournal, a programme on Austria’s state tv channel, ORF2 criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by calling his policies “right wing populist”, “antidemocratic” and “aimed against minorities”. Regarding the Austrian criticism against the Hungarian migration policy, Norbert Hofer, third president of the Austrian parliament told Magyar Hírlap, that his party, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) shows great understanding towards Hungary but does not tolerate the criticism against Hungary from “certain circles” of Austria and the European Union. “Hungary secured its borders, Hungary does what is expected from an EU member state”, he added.


According to Mr Hofer if his party was part of the Austrian government coalition, the relations of the two countries would get better again as for the FPÖ “Hungary is not only an important neighbour, but also a friend”.

Read the full article in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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