Interview with Janez Janša

“Slovenia Should Have Closed the Border”

janezjansa576After Hungary has closed the green border with Croatia, Zagreb decided to transfer the migrants to the Slovenian border. We discussed the current situation with Janez Janša, previous Prime Minister of Slovenia, president of the Slovenian Democratic Party.

How is the Slovenian government coping with the migration crisis?

We proposed the Slovenian government to close the border with Croatia; they refused and the government is currently organizing transports of migrants to the Austrian border. However, they activated the Slovenian army to help the police on border protection. We expect the situation to escalate if number of migrants increases. (…)

Does the Hungarian government deserve the criticism or is their approach correct?

The Hungarian government is implementing Schengen rules. So its approach is correct. It deserves acknowledgment. It is also obvious that the vast majority in the EU is now aware of false criticism directed towards the Hungarian government during last months.

Read the whole article in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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