The 24th Hour

Europe’s right wing, people’s party politicians, except for the radicals, are cowards, they don’t dare to represent the opinion of their own voters because of the terror of political correctness. The straight consequence of this might be that their voters will leave them, said László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament on Echo Tv. It’s a proven fact that liberals have already gutted social democracy, whose politicians, screwing around in red have long before traded the working class for various minorities, watched their traditional base voting for populist or even extreme right, while the real, authentic and honorable left was pushed to the periphery by the opinion terror. The conquest didn’t stop on the left side, in Scandinavia the rainbow coloured pacman has incorporated the middle right parties a long time ago.

In Northern and Western Europe, a large part of the political scene is automatically liberal, this is the admission to the saloon of civilized people. The constant raising of the tolerance minimum or, as László Kövér said, the terror of political correctness has nothing to do with the fact that whom the majority supports on democratic elections. In his book, The Real Right Returns, Daniel Friberg writes that metapolitical progress needs not – and perhaps should not – be linked to a partical party and at its best it reduces elections to a question of mere formalities. With its long march through the institutions the left conquered the media, the cultural institutions and education systems, so those pillars of society which shape people’s thoughts and opinions.

We wouldn’t get excited about all this here in Central-Eastern Europe, but the migration crisis made it apparent that this process is strong enough to rock governments of big powers. Angela Merkel opened wide the gates of Europe, the consequences are so far unforeseeable. The German migration system is on the brink of collapse, violence in camps (not only between migrants) is regular, and also the radical actions against them, like arson attacks. Merkel feels that this is not alright, her ministers are speaking more and more harsh, for example, Minister of Interior, Thomas de Maiziere repeated the Hungarian warnings from weeks ago: the migrants are violent, they are threatening, they don’t cooperate. It’s hard to tell whether it was Merkel’s social democratic coalition partner or the political correctness that hits Germany even more than others that put her on the way she now desperately wants to leave.

Her Bavarian partner, the CSU has been opposing uncontrolled acceptation of migrants from the beginning, with strict consistency, responsibility for Bavaria combined with Christian faith and sanity: It’s no coincidence that Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer has been saying from the start that Viktor Orbán and his government should be understood and helped, not attacked.

The part of the German government that wants to survive and Seehofer will sooner or later push Merkel to follow their will and Austria’s vice chancellor Mitterlehner has also made it clear: he doesn’t want to continue falling tied to chancellor Faymann and would rather open the parachute. In practice it means that they will most probably enter a coalition in Upper-Austria with the FPÖ (which has doubled its support there) and this is possible on a country level too. (Even if HC Strache wins in Vienna, it wouldn’t be so simple there as the social democrats have taken in the capital like an octopus during the last decades.)

Viktor Orbán doesn’t need to enter a coalition with anyone and he notified in time that he doesn’t want to repeat the Western European multicultural experience in Hungary and the weakening of the people’s parties. The Hungarian PM can determine the new direction of the European right not only with his practical decisions on migration but also on an ideological level. He finds new friends in time and warns the old ones, without evasion, the way friends should. Chancellor Faymann could have asked Orbán not to meet Strache – even though meeting the leader of a party in the government of Burgenland is a rather obvious Hungarian interest – but he only made a fool of himself, soon he will have no say.

Political correctness is not only taking away our words but also our ability to recognize problems. In Budapest, luckily, the picture is clearer.

Magyar Hírlap – 07. 10. 2015.


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