European Tragedy

Jean-Claude Juncker in his article about migration clearly showed why there’s not really anyone anymore who is interested in what he is saying. The chief commissioner’s article, full of emotional manipulation and clichés, is as a matter of fact just a long blame. Shame on you Europe!

From his Brussels point of view Mr Juncker worries about the anger, rejection and fear with which Europe meets the flow of refugees and economic migrants. Of course, it’s unacceptable to set refugee camps on fire. But is it acceptable to use these extremes to sweep aside the fears of the normal majority? I searched but I didn’t find in his article if he acknowledges the fears of the people or at least says that they should be taken serious, as Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz did not long ago. But it’s not only us who should be ashamed but those die-hard populists too who jeopardize “our most important common achievement, the abolishment of Schengen borders” with their “irresponsible remarks”. I must disillusion Mr Juncker: it’s not the populist politicians who endanger Schengen but the fact that we can’t cope with it. The lack of internal borders presume the protection of the external border and that a terrorist can’t play the secret services simply by taking the train (heavily armed) instead of a plane.

According to Juncker the problem is with us as we just argue while the Commission has already prepared a bunch of great solutions. “We take action against human traffickers”, he writes, so definitely as if everything was already ok and it’s just irrational xenophobia that motivates our fears.

“Everyday, there are more and more disappointed citizens who don’t believe anymore that Europe stands behind its values: rule of law, fair treatment, respect of the identity of every nation”, Macedonia’s Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki said earlier regarding the Greek veto that obstructs Skopje’s EU perspectives. It’s still true, and not only in connection with the enlargement.

It’s obvious that it’s not Juncker who forms what the people think and what the politicians do regarding the migration flow. Some call the border fence a unilateral decision which rejects a common solution, as if we put mines around Hungary, instead of prohibiting illegal crossing of the Schengen external border. It’s also obvious, though some don’t want to see, that the conflict between the Hungarian authorities and the migrants is inevitable. The authorities have to register them but they don’t want it because they fear it would mean the end of their hopes of asylum in Germany.

Recently we faced a very brutal reminder about what human trafficking means. An Austrian green party politician accused the Minister of Interior of “campaigning with the death of people” because she urged tough action against smugglers and a so called expert argued that actions against smugglers are responsible for the fact that smugglers must smuggle people under dangerous circumstances. Of course we can top hypocrisy with dangerous stupidity but the normal majority doesn’t care anymore. Chairman of Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache said that “Smugglers are potencial murderers and must be treated according to that”, well, there is more common sense in this sentence.

The Foreign Minister of Macedonia sent a message from the frontline: he won’t let masses of illegal migrants to cross the border unchecked and unorganised. Nikola Poposki could teach many of his European colleagues how to be European, so let us rather believe him and believe in him. Let the European people worry for their safety and identity and let the guards of the border do their duty. And regarding Brussels, if they are really looking for responsibles it would be wise to make a call to Washington, rather than shaming European people.

Magyar Hírlap – 28. 08. 2015.


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