Good Morning, Europe!

Two Algerian asylum seekers, living in the nearby camp, were caught stealing at a kebab shop in Vienna and one of them attacked the young Austrian policemen who stopped him and made a deep scar on his face with a piece of glass. On the same week, Vienna’s local government ”genderized” the parking places, repainting their signs from the supposedly discriminative ”Anwohnerparken” to the progressive ”Anwohnerinnenparken” (and so the female locals, who used to desperately circle, could finally park, probably). In the fantasy world created by Vienna’s mayor, Michael Häupl and his green coalition partners, Austrians care more about the second information.

This example shows well the relation of Vienna’s local government and the socialist mainstream to immigration and reality in general. Half of the waterhead Vienna’s population is not Austrian, and Vienna’s waterhead is Häupl himself. Some Austrians probably see him as a typical, jovial socialist cadre, but only because they don’t know who Döbrögi is (Hungarian literary character, a high-handed, corrupt squire who was later punished and humiliated, and is also pictured chubby, with moustache). During the last decades socialists made a thick web around Vienna, their hands reach every building project, every public job. Popularity of FPÖ’s is in the sky, both on the country level and in Vienna, and Häupl tries to save his unstable chair with a dirty smear campaign and the asocial, liberal rampage of his little green siblings.

While two third of Austrians think that the country is going in the wrong direction and 80 percent says that the government can’t handle the most important problems. They are clowning in Vienna, but Burgenland’s socialist boss kicked over the party discipline and entered a coalition with the FPÖ and now, following the Bavarians, he even talks about border control. Socialists used to rule out any cooperation with FPÖ but after Hans Niessl’s rebellion they had to allow, so to take notice of the local coalitions. Reality rewrites the rules of the socialist party and Austrian politics in general.

”Austria has always been very generous to real refugees and this should remain like this, but we can’t accept everyone who try to find their luck here, because uncontrolled and illegal immigration causes social tensions, violence and crime” the late Jörg Haider campaigned with these lines more than 20 years ago. His former party says the same ever since and by now these thoughts became accepted even in the middle of European politics.

The climate in Austria and the European Union is changing greatly and quickly, decisions only working on paper, oversensitivity and political correctness (which stops normal dialogue) are swept away by reality.

Just as the whole, increasingly stupid European left, Austrian socialists lost the working class, in their case to FPÖ. The party’s candidate for the mayor’s seat, HC Strache talks about the things people care about, no wonder his party tops the opinion polls. Only his opponents call his policies extreme and the kind of press that is convinced that fascism rampages in Hungary. The challenge he means and the reality forces the right side of the Austrian coalition government to step-by-step borrow practically all demands of FPÖ regarding immigration. As regional elections are coming, the tone sharpens, but deeds are needed for credibility.

The progressive, liberal Austrians always accuse FPÖ of being the „Ewiggestrige”, but actually they are the ones who keep on saying the same thing, struggling against reality. It’s true everywhere in Europe and unfortunately Hungary’s no exception. Painfully no exception, especially because the Hungarian left-liberal side, again a bit late, says those things about which even their Western colleagues know that it’s stupid. While they are repeating that we are dropped behind again, they don’t realize that anything Viktor Orbán says today about migration, after some required yammering, is echoed by half the European politics. Europe is waking up. A bit late though.

Magyar Hírlap – 18. 08. 2015.
German summary by Eurotopics


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