Interview with Nicolas Bay

The duty of a leader is to protect is people

nicolasbay576Secretary General of the Front National, Nicolas Bay talked to Magyar Hírlap about migration and the criticism against Viktor Orbán as well. According to the French MEP Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough rhetoric about migration is discredited by his role in the intervention in Libya.

According to our PM Orbán, Western Europe has made an experiment for decades with accepting mass immigration and we don’t want to repeat it. From a French point of view is the multicultural society a success story?

First, we should bear in mind that it’s only our governments that accepted mass immigration: they never asked our peoples about this! Building a multicultural society is building an unstable society. We think that there should be only one main identity and one community, the national one, in one country. This is the French tradition of assimilation: if some strangers want to settle in our country, they need to adapt to our traditions and also our rules. With mass immigration, and multicultural thoughts of many of our politicians and intellectuals, from “left” to “right”, we’re now facing a totally different situation. We’re facing communities, who identify themselves first to their origin country or civilization, or with their religion. France is coming on a second level and sometimes, it’s the case for many youths that feel free to say that they f*** France, even seen as an adversary. This is the growing situation for decades now. (…)

Do you agree with the criticism towards the Hungarian Prime Minister’s migration policies?

Mr Orbán delivered a great speech in Strasbourg in front of the eurocrats who have been attacking him and the Fidesz MEPs for years. On the day following his speech, I published a press release in which I welcomed some of the true words Mr Orbán spoke and that I had already quoted on social networks: “we want that Europe remains the continent of the Europeans and that Hungary’s future belongs to Hungarians”. (…)

According to Mr Orbán “the really serious threats are not arriving from the war zones, but from the depths of Africa, as Northern Africa today can no longer defend Europe from the immense masses of people”. In the light of France’s intervention in Libya, is Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough rhetoric regarding migration credible?

Definitely not! For some stupid, and maybe hidden reasons Sarkozy led this military intervention in Libya and caused the global chaos in this area. The new explosion of illegal immigration coming by Mediterranean Sea but also the situation with most of Islamist armed organizations is under his personal and direct responsibility. On a more national plan, let’s say that during the five years he was President, one million new legal migrants entered our country and so many illegal ones. As Interior Minister, he’s also the one who abolished the automatic expulsion of strangers condemned in our country. Tough words can’t resist the facts…

Can you prevail in the European Parliament with a leftist-liberal majority?

Most of them are part of the current problems Europe is facing, in each of our old countries. A positive union of those who want to defend, preserve, protect, our countries and peoples and also our common civilization should emerge in the EP. (…)

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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