Interview with Janice Atkinson

“Viktor Orbán is a Good Neighbour”

atkinson576Vice-Chair of the EP’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group, Janice Atkinson urges the French army to help in Calais, doesn’t want economic migrants and supports stricter border control. The politician – previously an mep of UKIP – says the Hungarian PM is a good neighbour, because he protects his border even though Hungary is only a transit country for migrants.

The situation in Calais, at the French end of the channel leading to the British welfare system, is unbearable. What immediate answer you suggest?

Offer the French troops and police to round up the migrants as they are entitled to do under various treaties, such as Dublin. If the authorities believe the migrants will abscond they have the powers to do so. This will relieve pressures on the lorry drivers, the gendarmerie, the ferries and Eurotunnel. Offer assistance to build temporary buildings to process the migrants’ applications – economic or asylum seekers and encourage the French to use their own prisons. The migrants will only be free to leave once they are processed. If not, they are put on planes back to whence they came. (…)

What long-term measures should be taken to solve the problem of mass immigration?

Close all EU borders. Each country would take back control of its own borders and immigration policies. As the EU is implacably opposed to this Britain has only one choice and that is to leave the EU. Build visa processing centres in north Africa and patrol the Mediterranean with gunships to deter human traffickers. (…)

How does migration from EU and non-EU countries affect Britain?

We cannot cope. Our education system, our housing, our roads, hospitals and GP services cannot cope. Hospital and doctor waiting times have increased. (…)

So should people vote for Brexit at the referendum?

Brexit would enable us to negotiate our own Free Trade Agreements instead of being tied to 28 member states with their own needs and interests and one EU commissioner who is not acting in the UK’s interest. We are a proud, enterprising and trading nation that goes back centuries. We need to return to that. We will trade with the EU, that is set out in various treaties and they cannot punish us for leaving. (…)

Hungary received many criticism for its policies regarding migration. How do you see them?

Orban is either described as ‘populist’ or conservative centre right, depending on the journalists’ view. He is castigated in the European Parliament for shoring up his own borders – isn’t this what we want states to do? He builds a fence, yet the migrants do not wish to settle in his country. They are just passing through to Germany, the UK, Sweden, etc. Isn’t he just being a good neighbour and showing solidarity? He is also using prisoners’ time well by manufacturing the fences by prisoners. I wish our government would use our prisoners in the same way. Other EU countries with external borders should be emulating him.

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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