Interview with Christian Höbart

“Europe is in Danger”

christianhobartMP and Lower Austrian leader of FPÖ, Christian Höbart urges border control and quicker processing of asylum applications to combat mass migration.

(…) According to Christian Höbart the quota wouldn’t solve the migration crisis in Austria; on the contrary, it would make the country even more attractive.

“The most urgent task is to protect Austria’s and the European Union’s external borders”, said Höbart, adding that the processing of asylum applications should be quicker and those who are not eligible for asylum, must be sent back. (…) “The People’s Party and the Social Democrats don’t protect Austrian interests, they only obey the eurocrats in Brussels”, he stressed.

Regarding Hungary he said that Viktor Orbán “leads a very patriotic policy, he puts his nation’s interest first, as his motto is Hungary first”. According to Höbart FPÖ approves Hungary’s migration policy. “In his speech in Tusnádfürdő Viktor Orbán gave many correct analyses. Europe’s is indeed in danger. It’s threatened by Islamism and mass migration from poor regions. Europe should help on the spot. Immigration of millions of Africans and Asians would put our social order in danger. Europe must definitely stay European”, he emphasized.

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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