Interview with Marcel de Graaff

Orbán Shouldn’t Give In”

Co-Chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom in the European Parliament, Marcel de Graaff says the Hungarian Prime Minister was right about the dangers of mass immigration in his speech at the Summer University in Tusnádfürdő. The Dutch politician thinks that the European Union is a failed experiment in which national sovereignity is not possible.

graaffAccording to Mr Orbán “the European left does not perceive immigration as a source of danger but as an opportunity to eliminate national boundaries”. As Co-Chair in the EP with a leftist majority how do you see this statement?

I am convinced that the left in the EP has an ideological agenda to destroy not only national boundaries, but also national identities and meanwhile try to fill their pockets with tax-payers money. They do not understand the inherent threat of Islam – to dominate the world – which Islam attempts to achieve by (mass) immigration. They simply keep on dreaming even when it turns into one big nightmare.

The European Union can’t solve the current migration crisis, Mr Orbán said, so the Hungarian government urges tougher measures. How do you see the EU’s policies regarding migration?

Mr Orban is absolutely right, he should not give in nor give up. We, the PVV want an Australian policy, where boats with migrants will be brought back to their own country. No people will drown, lives will be saved and the mass immigration will be stopped. The EU has opened the flood gates for mass immigration years and years ago. The free movement of persons within the EU prohibits countries from countering mass immigration. For years now rich leftish, eurofile, Islam loving eurocrats in their ivory tower in Brussels decide what’s best for our country. They decide mass immigration is an enrichment for our societies. I would say walk through the streets of Rotterdam, London, Paris or Brussels and see the ”enrichment’ with your own eyes! Our national culture, our identity and sovereignity is being destroyed, all in the name of multicultural enrichment. To please Islam, to please those who do not integrate nor accept our values and rules.


So national sovereignity is not possible in the EU?

The centralisation will lead to a United States of Europe, as Guy Verhofstadt (leader of ALDE group in the EU, former Belgian Prime Minister) openly declares. He’s a real eurocrat, a real ”man of the people”, who fills his pockets with 200.000 euro a year as lobbyist on top of his EP salary. The reality is simple though: the more EU we get, the less national sovereignity we have. The EU dictates and the national states listen and follow orders. Our country for instance is raising taxes, cuts back on health care especially for the elderly, but keeps paying billions and billions of euros to Brussels to save countries like Greece. The European dream is a nightmare for the citizins of our countries. The eurofile elite is so arrogant, they think they know best and ignore the voice of the people. They dont create an EU but an EUSSR. It’s a failed project and should immediately be dissolved.

Read the whole interview in English or in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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