Let’s Talk About Respect!

Summary of a commentary in Magyar Hírlap

Mikl-Leitner was called heartless when she announced that Austria has stopped processing asylum requests in an effort to pressure other member states. Earlier, she told that requests of those who can be transferred to other countries based on the Dublin III rule will be speeded up. To sum up: Austria wants to get rid of many migrants as soon as possible and as many of them probably crossed Hungary, the burden will be put on the Hungarian asylum system. It’s not solidarity, it’s not fair, but it’s also not against the law. And this is Austria’s national interest.

It was obvious that Austria won’t be happy when the Hungarian government announced that we temporarily can’t accept more re-admissions according to the Dublin III rule. (…)

This announcement was a great test which showed some people’s attitude towards the Hungarian government.

Social media was full of Hungary (…). Many Twitter users – similarly as the Hungarian socialist-liberal opposition – decried Viktor Orbán for turning his back on Europe, for not having solidarity, it’s more than enough, sanctions, now! (…) There were many people, of course, who cheered Orbán as a hero for doing something to which, according to them their leaders don’t have the courage.

Politicians reacted with a temper too. EP delegation leader of ÖVP, Othmar Karas attacked Orbán in a long Twitter rant on Tuesday evening. He called him ignorant, who showed his true face. Karas also didn’t rush to answer those users who urged the EPP to kick out Fidesz. He wasn’t the only person in the ÖVP to attack Orbán: a few days earlier both ÖVP and SPÖ people were yammering why Orbán was invited to Schüssel’s party. They didn’t really want to swallow the bitter pill: the two are friends.

There’s probably nobody in Austria, who demands the strict implementation of Dublin III rule louder than Heinz-Christian Strache, president of the FPÖ. Following the Hungarian announcement the leader of the most popular Austrian party urged the control of the Austrian border because this is the only responsible decision, the government shouldn’t just sit and watch, stop the asylum chaos.

There’s nothing new in these demands, he said them previously too. Hard words, clear talking, but something is remarkably missing: the vilification of the Hungarian prime minister. Strache showed respect to Orbán for standing up for national interests, even if it causes inconvenience to Austria. He didn’t scold him, didn’t call him names, didn’t order him what to do. This is the attitude, this is the base on which state leaders can enforce interests, co-operate, make compromises. This is how leaders should negotiate at the European Council too, instead of brushing off the problems of some member states and lecturing their leaders. If they can do it, then we can talk about solidarity.

Read the whole article in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!


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