Nations and Freedom

Summary of a commentary in Magyar Hírlap

“The best thing about racists is they tend to be racists towards other racists too. Being driven by national and ethnic interests means you have little common interest with others” these not so funny and not so original thoughts came from a Swedish liberal MEP, Fredrick Federley after Marine Le Pen announced the formation of ENF.

Federley’s thoughts are not important but apart from the obligatory racism remark he shows two important aspects of the way how he and liberals think: using “national interest” as swearing, disdain and mocking towards fellow MEPs.

Geert Wilders said that ENF seeks consensus otherwise everyone votes according to national interest. Is there a problem with this sentence? Or rather with those who think it is a problem? Commissioners should pledge to represent the EU’s interests and preferably refer to their homeland as “the country i know best”. But has someone told Federley that MEPs don’t have to make this pledge? Or do they have to in ALDE? So many inconvinient questions.

Regarding the lack of common interests: all the speakers at the ENF press conference mentioned the struggle against the centralising power of the EU and mass immigration. The Swedish MEP probably didn’t hear it because he plugged in his ears and was loudly humming An die Freude.

It’s not only the members of ENF who care about these problems but other powers with governmental responsibility too. Le Pen said that EU can’t offer much to migrants. Of course all her allies agree that we have to be able to help those truly in need of asylum but there’s no place for economic migrants in Europe. Merkel and Hollande say the same, probably some considered this racist aswell.

According to ENF the problem of asylum seekers should be solved outside Europe, we have to help African countries, open camps there and quota system won’t stop the tragedies. By the way Front National and FPÖ – most popular parties in their countries – are much closer to governmental responsibility than those who say let’s open the doors, Europe is no fortress, everyone can come and will be channeled into legal migration. Surely this is a brilliant, responsible idea that causes no problem to Europe and forces smugglers to stop putting people on deathboats and look for a proper job instead!

So much for those damned national interests.

Theoretically noone’s more fond of democracy than socdems and liberals and yet Le Len thanked Schulz for treating them as second class meps and thus motivated to create a coherent, strong and ambitious group. (…) Atkinson pointed out that ENF is much more coherent than EFDD – see the example when ENF-allies all voted no to the resolution against Hungary, whereas EFDD was split: UKIP MEPs talked in support of Hungary and 5* MEPs joined the leftist resolution.

Liberals have to accept that ENF MEPs will have the same rights they have.

ENF politicians many times clearly said that they won’t cooperate with Jobbik due to major differences and yet some “sources” claimed just hours before the press conference that Jobbik is part of ENF. “Sources” also knew that it’s not true but it’s obvious from Budapest too why they started the hysteria.

Read the whole article in Hungarian on Magyar Hírlap Online!



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